Keyword Academy Review

by Cliff Hatch on January 19, 2010

Keyword Academy Review

If only it was this easy!

One of the questions I get from social engagements, rather than professional consulting, is about how to make money on the Internet. When I tell people that making money on the internet takes as much, or more effort than making money in everyday life, I get a lot of puzzled looks. I suppose people are disappointed there’s no magic bullet, no secret loophole to long term results. Sure there’s unscrupulous (black hat) methods to game the search engines, but they never last long, and who wants to make money like that when you can do it ethically? Matt Cutts from Google has a great post on why the search engines take a dim view of this- and you should too.

So does this mean you can’t earn a living online? Certainly not. However, you have to be willing to work for it. There are a few good opportunities out there, and sadly absolute ton of junk. The Keyword Academy is a good place for someone new to Internet marketing to learn the ropes, and an effective system from a couple of experts who make money from an online business. I like the system because it is inexpensive (particularly at first), and the quality of the information is quite high. It is possible to succeed online, you just have to get the right advice, and much like life you have to know who to, and who not to, listen to. Here’s a pretty good run down on what the site is about, you can check out the Keyword Academy Review on Internet Marketing Lighthouse.

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