Lissie’s Site Build It Scam Review

by Cliff Hatch on March 21, 2009

Like many IT professionals, I spend a lot of time reading and researching on the web. When I’m looking for information on a product, I usually do a web search for reviews, and I look for positive as well as negative. I also do a search for scams, rip offs, etc. This is a good practice for informational products, software, and even consumer goods. I wish I had done that for my TV- but that’s a different story.

Anyway, Lis Sowerbutts wrote an article entitled: Site Build It Scam Review. In the review, she talks about the service offered (basically a website, and some specialized support for the customers), and that it costs $300 a year. Well now I’m not a customer, nor have I used Site Build It, but that seems a little steep to me. If I was in the market for such a product, it’s information I’d want to see- I’d probably read her review, some of the positive ones, perhaps search the Better Business Bureau, and then make an informed decision. What really caught my attention however, wasn’t Lissie’s review- but the comments. My word- one commenter even threatens to sue! It seems to me that the best way to defend a product you are passionate about is provide the facts. A negative review, with a positive and well thought out response from the vendor actually scores points in my book. If the reviewer is attacked, it makes me wonder about the motives of the commenter. Affiliates who sell SBI make $75 commission annually. Lissie makes nothing from providing her opinion. There’s quite a bit of venom in the comments.

The internet is much like the rest of world, it pays to do your research and make informed decisions. If I want to buy a camera I want to read the manufacturer’s specifications, and hear from photographers as well. The same is true with internet products- and right, wrong or indifferent Lissie has a right to her opinion. Caveat emptor.

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Lissie March 23, 2009 at 3:57 am

Thanks for your support – yup I decided cult fitted the SBI hoard quite well but others have mentioned zombies and trolls! There were some great SEO tipbits in the comments though when Vic and Griz got involved – I made a hub of it – link above Cheers

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