Windows 7 Upgrade Pre-orders for 50% off until July 11th, 2009

by Cliff Hatch on June 26, 2009

Amazon has a pretty good special offer for the next couple of weeks. If you buy the upgrade version of Windows 7 before July 11th, there’s 50% discount. So for Windows 7 Professional it’s $99, you’re saving a whooping $100 off list. Windows 7 Home is $70 off- it’s going for $49.

So how do you know which version to buy? Windows 7 Professional Versus Home Well the rule of thumb pretty much has to do with your networking needs. If you want to join a domain, or do business with your home computer, then professional is probably the choice to make. If you only have one computer in the house, or a few with minimal networking needs (ie maybe a file and printer sharing), then you can save a bit of money and go with the home edition.

So Microsoft’s sales of Vista have been disappointing. Many IT professionals (us included) recommend using Windows XP instead of Vista on corporate networks. Our reasons primarily have to do with compatibility. Microsoft has been listening to our feedback, in fact the new version (pro only) has an XP emulation mode based on virtual PC, which means that if it runs on XP, it should run on Windows 7. That’s a good feature to include, and they’re much more likely to get several more early adopters as well as become of the project upgrade lifecycle.

From a home user point of view, the rule of thumb is that if you’re computer runs Vista, you can run Windows 7. If you’d like to confirm that, you can download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. From all reports the beta testing has gone quite well, and most of the IT professionals who support Microsoft are quite pleased with this release.

So what’s new? Well there’s jump lists, which is similar to recent documents on steroids. You right click an icon, and you may see your recent documents- or you might find frequent commands, like start a new email. There’s improvements in taskbar management, and things like aero peek, which allow you to see your desktop underneath a running window. There’s also some hardware based improvements- such as windows touch, which allows you to use a touch screen instead of a mouse. All and all it seems to be a polished and well thought out release- after Vista MS has plenty of room to makes folks happy with the new OS. Windows 7 seems to fit that bill nicely- and at 50% off it’s a good time to buy.

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