Systems Management

System Monitoring

There comes a time in every business’ IT life where one person, or two, or ten cannot keep up with watching the health of servers and network devices. By installing a monitoring solution, it is possible to consolidate all events to a single console (or Network Operations Center). This allows you to see at a glance, the state of your enterprise. If something goes wrong, your technical staff can be notified immediately via email, pager or audible alarm. We can also deploy hardware solutions that monitor for fire, smoke, water, and noise.

Asset Tracking

The days where inventory involved a clipboard and visiting each machine are gone. A properly designed Asset Tracking systems can show you at a glance, every machine and in components in one place. You can generate custom reports on hardware, software or any combination thereof.

Patch Management

Will you allow a high school student to take down your network??? You lock your house when you leave, you lock your car, how about your network? Keeping your operating systems current is no longer a matter of increased stability and features, it’s a matter of security. And if your machines aren’t patched, it’s when and not if they’ll be exploited. Cliff Edge Consulting, LLC offers a variety of automated patching systems to match any budget.

Automated Deployment and Configuration of Machines

Simultaneous Automated Deployment of 2 to 250 machines concurrently…did we mention there’s no operating system, or boot disk just plug in the power, network and go…We can even configure user machines before they arrive as soon as the machine is unpacked, it images itself, applies the necessary applications, joins the domain. Contact us for more detail.

Software Distribution

Sneakernet is not the optimal way to install your software. Want to have a custom application deployed just to accounting? How about pointing all the machines on your network to one secured fileserver to applications and updates? We can do that for you, just ask.

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