Travel Tips For Your Laptop, Part I

22 May 2009

Keyboards with a Help KeyMy consultants and I travel with a computer for living, and over the years we’ve come up with several travel tips for your laptop. Some technical, some not, all the product way too many passes through the security checkpoint. It’s not hard to get everything organized, you just need to do a bit of planning.

Pretrip Planning
Like many things in life, the better you prepare, the better the result. First off, you want to make sure your computer is running well before you leave the house. Here are a few things to check so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises on the road:

Disk Space – Check to make sure your laptop has adequate space. As a minimum guideline, we recommend you have at least 10% of your drive free. You can check it in Windows XP by going to

For Vista,

If you don’t have enough space you can use the “Disk Cleanup” button. We don’t recommend the option to compress a laptop drive- since most of them spin at 5400RPM anyway, they’ll be noticeably slower. This should be fine for most people, if you’re comfortable with the computer’s file system, there’s a handy utility which can sort all of your folders by size, called Tree Size Free. It allows you to sort the folders by size, and also has graphs, so you can find that rogue temporary file and delete it.

For Vista,